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Kirkland Short Shearling Genuine Australian Sheepskin Boots Chestnut/Brown Black

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These Kirkland Signature ladies shearling boots are the ultimate winter wardrobe essential, made from 100% geunine Australian sheepskin wool, one of the oldest and most functional textiles known to man. The insulating properties of the wool fibres will keep your feet warm when it is cold and near body temperature in warm weather. Luxurious 100% natural wool shearling cradles your foot as it simultaneously insulates while breathing, feeling comfortable against your skin. Our genuine wool shearling provides maximum comfort and allows your feet to breathe naturally. 100% Australian Sheepskin lining. Contoured, flattering fit. Environmentally friendlier tanning. Comfort foam sole inserts. Lightweight EVA outer sole for outstanding comfort and solid tracking. Updated fit meaning this boot will relax and conform to your foot with wear. Available in black, chestnut, brown and grey. *Please note sheepskin will stretch slightly with wear, initial fit should be snug.