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Helix Oxford Mathematical Instruments Plus Maths School Geometry Staionery Set

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Oxford Metal Bow Top Compass - Zinc Die Cast for an excellent finish. It features 'The Oxford' logo, date stamp and running man embossing. Geared legs and shortened safety point for improved accuracy. Natural wood graphite pencil.
Oxford Wooden Ruler - Metric and imperial graduations and it is 15cm/ 6 inches in length.
Oxford Sleeved Eraser - PVC free eraser and radiused edges for comfortable use.
Metal Sharpener
Clear 180 degrees protractor
45 degree and 60 degree set squares
Alphabet Stencil
Chemical Symbol Stencil
Maths Fact Sheet and Timetable
30cm Ruler - Metric and imperial scale graduations. It is 30cm/12 inches in length and has shatter resistant material.
4 x Eraser Tip Pencils - Pre - Sharpened pencils with an eraser.
4 x Assorted Ballpoint Pens - Cylindrical barrel for writing comfort and 1.0mm medium point.
17cm Scissors - Stainless steel blades embossed with Helix Oxford logo. Ambidextrous handles and these scissors are made of 79% recycled plastic.
Large Sleeved Eraser - Premium quality eraser, PVC, latex and phthalate free.